MGWCC #433 — Friday, September 16th, 2016 — “One Nation”

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We were looking for a 3-letter noun last week. Could it be CAT? Maybe BAT or RAT? Perhaps SKI or SKY or SKA, or JAB or JOB or JIB? Let’s take a look at the puzzle.

Five fill-in-the-blanks were clued in a similarly peculiar way:

17-A [Got in the air quickly, like a ___] = FIGHTER JET
11-D [Tough and gritty, like a ___] = DETECTIVE
55-A [Taken illegally, like a ___] = RHINOCEROS
33-D [Without editing, like ___] TV FOOTAGE
37-A [Useless due to fatigue, like a ___] = BRAIN

What 3-letter noun do these point to? Fighter jets getting airborne ASAP are said to be scrambled; your Philip Marlowe-type detectives are hard-boiled; if you take a rhino illegally you have poached the animal; unedited TV footage is said to be raw; and we’ve all overused our brains to the point where they qualify as fried.

Those are five ways to prepare a contest answer EGG, found by 386 solvers.

mpstable writes:

i wonder how many “over easy” references will you get in the comments this week


DIS found it tough:

Phew — glad that’s ova.

mrbreen says:

Funny. Gonna be in Egg Harbor, WI later today

GabeLuis is a huge MGWCC fan:

I just can’t get an oeuf.

Amy Reynaldo suggests:

Alternate title: “The Shell Game”

Which was in fact my original title.

No prob for drdans:

I feel coddled, for shirr.

Steve Blais hit a milestone:

Ive just cracked my 100th meta!

And finally (there were more egg puns, but I won’t press my luck), FrotzNPL writes:

The world’s only living ex-Pope approves of this puzzle.

This week’s winner, whose name was chosen at random from among the 386 correct entries received is Jack Fidler of Newton, Mass. In addition to a MGWCC pen, pencil, and notepad set, Jack will also receive a 1-year subscription to Joon Pahk’s Outside the Box Puzzles. Rows Gardens, Marching Bands, other variety puzzles; highly recommended. Next week we return to regular prizes.


You must figure out this week’s instructions for yourself.

Solve well, and be not led astray by words intended to deceive.

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